I‘m a seasoned growth leader & full stack operator with over 13 years’ experience working across B2B & B2C, in settings big & small, and across the advertising ecosystem. Some of my work:

a. Built and led teams to drive over $50M in annualized revenue

b. Helped secure pre-series A round via growth positioning & PR efforts

c. Built multiple early-stage tech stacks

d. Built acquisition engine, to increase revenue 4X while meeting CAC goals, for a B2C subscription company.

In 2024, I’ll be devoting more time to growth consulting. Reach out if you’d like to connect!

alvin yeh

Elnora McBride


Where I can help

building 0-1

Product market fit-centric growth

Hands-on channel build-out

Fundraising growth prep

Early-stage growth

Growth strategy & execution

Growth modeling & resourcing

Channel-audience fit testing



Tech stack procurement & setup

Optimizing organic & paid channels

Hiring & performance management

focus areas

growth strategy


marketing Operations


lifecycle marketing


Performance marketing


People management


seo, content & websites


marketing Analytics


alvin skills

Let’s work together

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